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Bone China - Gold Rim Radiance

The quintessence of luxury and sophistication brought to a dining table.  A slim band of gold adds an extra layer of glimmer to the already dressed-up body that resembles radiating sun beams striking attention from its audience.

Don Bellini Bone China contains fine bone ash of approximately 45%. Such high level of bone content is rare and it gives our products an exceptional translucence with a soft creamy color.


Our bone china products are manufactured using imported British bone meal, French potassium feldspar and Japanese lead-free frit and kaolin.


Don Bellini Bone China undergoes two firing processes. The first one is carried out at a temperature of 1,300 centrigrade in an oxidizing atmosphere. The second firing happens after a coating is applied, with a temperature of 1,080 centrigrade to avoid direct firing fumes. This enables our products to become durable, white, and translucent.

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